What's Up With the One Piece?

People seem to have very strong opinions of the adult one piece. Whether loved or hated they tend to be a somewhat heated topic of debate. There are countless blogs attacking jumpsuits and rompers calling them impractical and childish. I do admit that some of these arguments do have merit, but I personally LOVE them!

The adult one piece can come in many shapes and styles, however these are probably the most common. 

The Bodysuit

I have always loved the bodysuit. I'm definitely a child of the eighties because my favorite go to is a bodysuit and a pair of high waisted anything. Bodysuits really are one of the easiest outfits to put together and is my best friend for any type of getaway. When traveling, your space is limited so if you can pack versatile pieces it helps save space so you can either bring more goodies home, or skip any checked bag fee.  Especially if your vacation brings you to the beach, a pool, any place where there is an option to go swimming, the one piece is perfect for these warmer months ahead. 

Lynt bodysuit, what's up with the one piece.

The Jumpsuit

I think I may have spent the entire winter in a jumpsuit. Well, living is San Diego where the weather is very temperate made it much more possible than to if I were living back east. However, I love how jumpsuits are basically idiot proof when it comes to the fashionably inclined. It always looks like a fully put together outfit and it's easy to dress up or down and is as comfy as wearing pajamas (well ours is at least). I always like to pair pretty much any jumpsuit with a long necklace and if I want to really standout as a millennial, I'll throw on one of those trendy hats. Brixton is probably my go to. Another great thing about our wide leg jumpsuit, if it's cold outside I'll pair with some high socks and boots and no one will even know. 

 Lynt Jetset Jumpsuit What's up with the one piece

The Romper 

Oh the romper, the most youthful of all the one pieces and has been a summer staple for women. People can hate on the romper all they want and I constantly hear how men say how much they hate the romper, and say how childish they look. But in the words of my favorite designer Betsey Johnson, "If girls dressed for boys, they'd walk around naked." Also, don't be so quick to judge boys, I heard a little rumor (it's actually taking over the internet) about some new little trend called, the bro romper

Lynt Ready Romper Hawaiian, what's up with the onesie

So what is up with the one piece?  I feel like one pieces are just one of those clothing items that some people love and some just don't quite understand, kind of like the movie Inception.

Taking all of those things into consideration, we at Lynt have tried to solve a few of the one piece problems:

  • Like no zippers for easy restroom trips
  • Adjustable straps/bust for the perfect fit
  • Performance materials that will look and feel great all day

Always a pleasure, happy Lynting!

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