Care Instructions

Here at Lynt all the fabrics are a blend of stretch and synthetic performance fabrics.

Polyester-Spandex: For most bottoms, romper and jumpsuits

Polyester-Nylon: For most, tops, dresses and prints

Brushed Knit Polyester: For the Bandits

All of these materials are good for the product's durability, color lasting, anti-wrinkling, fit and easy care.

With that, these products are not sensitive to water but spandex is sensitive to heat, like a clothes dryer. Now if you accidentally dry your Lynt, don't worry, it won't fall apart, however, it will experience some slight shrinking. If you want your Lynt to fit a little more snug, throw it in the dryer, it will shrink up. Just know, heat, over time, will slowly break down the elasticity in the spandex and ruin the stretchability.

We recommend:
Machine wash, hand wash, creek wash, hotel tub wash, whatever... just use cold water


Hang dry, preferably out of direct sun.

Any questions.... let us know!