Dirt Bandit in Rose
Dirt Bandit in Rose

Dirt Bandit in Rose

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Dust buffs are great for protection against well dust obviously, the sun, the cold, the wind and they look cool.

Slides over the head so there's no uncomfortable knot at the back of you neck and is completely reversible

Features include:
Neck Opening: 
S/M: 14"
M/L: 17"
One side is a tech material for comfort and stability 
The other side is a brushed rayon/poly blend and is perfect for cleaning glasses, your face, your phone, camera lens.... whatever :) 
One size fits most and it is lightweight enough for those warmer day adventures. 

90% polyester 
10% spandex

The fabric is completely water, sweat, and wrinkle proof so it's perfect for:
Bike packing, or really any form of bike riding
Hiking, backpacking 
Skiing and snowboarding 
Or just adding a comfy accessory to any workout outfit. 

Isn't it time that you can play in clothes that look cute too.
Lynt: Adult play clothes.


Dirt Bandit in Rose