6 Easter Sunday Outfit Tips

Whether you're planning church, brunch, an Easter egg hunt or all of the above. You'll want to wear something that is appropriate for the occasion yet comfortable enough so you too can hunt for eggs and stuff your face. To help you narrow down your choices, here are 6 tips that will insure you have a fun and fashionable Easter!

1. Keep it colorful!

Easter marks (besides the obvious) a change in the weather, the beginning of Spring and warmer weather. Time to set aside your gloomy black whatever article of clothing and wear some color. If you're not completely comfortable with ditching the black, we recommend a floral or stripe to break it up. See our Floral Ready Romper, it can still be paired with your favorite black shoes but the big floral print is enough to make it cheery for spring.

2. Wear comfortable shoes!

We can't stress this enough. Too many times have we seen the fun put on hold or outfits are incomplete because someone didn't plan to do as much walking as anticipated. Don't let your outfit or the bottom of your feet suffer because you had to ditch your shoes halfway through the event. You can never go wrong with a ballet flat and we suggest investing in one that is comfy and will last since they never go out of style, like a pair of Frye's. Always remember to stick with a classic silhouette and little to no embellishments so you can wear them over and over again.

3. Stay away from boning or any other restrictive structured silhouettes.

This includes outfits where you'll have to suck it in all day to look/feel good. We know what you're thinking, "it will keep me from eating too much." You are honestly just setting yourself up for failure. With mimosas and the unlimited delicious goodies you'd be a saint to restrain. So instead of beating yourself up or feeling self conscious that your "gut" is showing we recommend sticking with either high-waisted or open styles. 

Easter Serape dress

4. Hats are totally acceptable. 

And we aren't saying snapbacks or cowboy hats, think opening day at the horse races. Wide brims and adding a flower or matching ribbon is always a great touch. Since Easter festivities tend to take place outside, so sun protection is always a good idea and it's a great way to accessorize your outfit. We just recommend adding the hat after church.

5. Prints over solids.

For obvious reasons, prints are always a better choice for holidays. They are eye catching and usually a great conversation starter. "That dress is so cute, I just love the print," "that is such a funny sweater." Whether it's an ugly Christmas sweater or someone's favorite flower on an Easter dress, it just goes to show people love to analyze other people's outfits so you might as well be the highlight of discussion. 

Ready Romper

6. Accessorize!!! 

If you're one of those people who just can't commit to investing in a full printed outfit, than it's acceptable to rely on your accessories. Pair that dress or skirt with a fun floral scarf, or add a bright belt for a pop of color. Now that it's warming up enough to show off your arms, chest and legs. Add some fun bangles, colorful necklaces and for the legs, ankle bracelets will be back in full swing for these warmer months. Check out Free People for some of our favorites. 

Now that we know you'll be the best dressed, have a great holiday weekend and try to show some restraint at that bottomless Champagne brunch. Remember, it's back to work on Monday. 

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