About us

What is Lynt?

Lynt is a women's clothing company that is all about versatility. We create clothes that are as comfy as gym clothes but are fashionable for life outside the gym.  

It really is the age old question, "what should I wear?"

We wanted to create something for woman that is stylish, comfortable, durable and requires little to no effort to wear. No longer should anyone sacrifice style for functionality. Our items are all made out of high performance fabrics so you have the comfort and stability of your favorite workout clothes without looking like you belong on a treadmill or in a yoga studio. So many wonderful materials that have been developed for the activewear industry: antimicrobial, UV protecting, moisture wicking, color sustainability and so many other benefits. Why should the ready-to-wear industry miss out? 

Proudly designed and hand crafted in San Diego, CA.