First Date Ideas in San Diego and What to Wear

First dates are inevitable, whether it be starting a new relationship or friendship, they all start off the same way. The get to know each other interview. It can sometimes go smoothly, can sometimes be a bit awkward, and sometimes it can be a complete nightmare. I always recommend doing something that involves some sort of activity, because this can be your scapegoat, give you something to talk about, and help break the ice.

If one of you owns a dog, bingo!

Or if you both do that's even better. I recently rode my bike to meet a date at dog beach. We already had two things to talk about, bikes and dogs. Now you don’t have to ride your bike but going to a dog park, or a dog friendly beach is a great causal setting where you can chat, go for a walk, see how well his dog behaves (because this reveals a lot about the kind of person he is) and not put too much pressure on yourself.  Now, what to wear? I love these kinds of dates because heels and getting dolled up is out of the question. Some fun high waisted shorts or a playful romper paired with some Teva's or other scrappy sandal is the perfect combo. 

Keep it physical.

No, that's not what I mean. This kind of goes with the first suggestion and going back to having an activity or something to talk about. I love hikes or walks because you have an excuse to look ahead. Of course you eventually want to stare into each others eyes but on the first date that is way too pressure. Those of you intimidated about "hiking," it's really just walking on an uneven surface, anyone can do it. Also, keep it simple, hike around Balboa Park or Torrey Pines. They are both great for beginners and are centrally located. With all that walking around you're probably going to get a good sweat going. I would recommend sticking with our High Waisted Shorts that are made from performance fabrics so they won't show any embarrassing sweat lines and if you need to sit and take a breather, there won't be any wrinkles indicating you took a break. 

Don't be afraid to get wet.

Come on, we live in one of the most beautiful climates in the world and with all the fun water activities I suggest always being prepared. Again the beach is always a perfect place to go. Mission Beach has the board walk, Ocean Beach has the pier and pretty much every beach has a place you can stop and grab a bite and a beer. Also, one of my favorite hidden gems is the Hilton Bayfront Pool! I'm not exactly sure if it is open to the public but I've been several times and as long as you're ordering drinks they don't don't seem to mind. But what to wear? Well the first and easiest, a swimsuit or something that can get wet. Our Bodysuits are perfect for the occasion. I love pairing them with a high waisted skirt or some jeans and in one quick motion you can go from the beach to the bar!

Just because it's Southern California, it doesn't have to be outside.

One of my new favorites things to do is go to one of our many casinos. I know they are a little out of the way and may be more of a second date or group date setting. One of my top choices would be Viejas in Alpine. Not only did I grow up in Alpine, so it's always a trip down memory lane and it is also offers a lot more than just a casino. There is also outlet shopping across the street which includes Nike, Levi, The Gap and my personal preference, Views Bowl. With so many different things to do there you need to dress prepared. Last time I went I wore the Jetset Jumpsuit and carried my favorite bikini by J.kinis in my purse. I was able to change by the pool and enjoy some sun, then when dinner rolled around the jumpsuit was perfect for any of the restaurants located in the Casino.

First dates should be fun and reflect who you are as a person. So don't be generic, next time you are asked out and he only suggests dinner, throw a little spin on it, make it an adventure, you won't regret it. 

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